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Archibald Love fonds

  • F 0010
  • Fonds
  • 1872 - 1876

This fonds consists of five legal documents. Four are “release to executor” documents drawn up and signed upon payment of legacies from the will of the late Archibald Love of Dunwich Township, Elgin County, Ontario, 1872-1876. There is also a document indicating the payment of money to various recipients by Catherine Love and Mary Love, in 1876 and relinquishing any further claims by the recipients. Each indicates the amount of money received, familial relationships, and locations of the recipients. Some occupations are also noted.

Love, Archibald

Arthur Flowers fonds

  • F 0182
  • Fonds
  • ca. late 19th c. - 1960: predominantly 1914-1918

This fonds documents aspects of the personal and professional life – and particularly the First World War experiences – of Captain Arthur Flowers, a British military careerist and mid-20th c. immigrant to Essex County. Series I contains records and images relating to his personal life and political views; Series II contains records relating to his military career, including correspondence and health records from the First World War; Series III contains official First World War correspondence and publications circulated by the British military to boost morale. Series IV contains records relating to Flowers’ wife Annie, including correspondence, a 1914 travel diary, and souvenirs of the British Royal Family.

Flowers, Arthur (ca. 1875-1960)

BEd Local History Series collection

  • F 0103
  • Fonds
  • 1982 - 1987

This fonds consists of 31 student projects depicting historical and contemporary features of Southwestern Ontario (primarily Windsor/Essex County but also Sarnia/Lambton County), created by Bachelor of Education students in History or Social Studies courses in the 1980s. They take a variety of forms, including illustrated storybooks, scrapbooks, captioned photo albums, reports, lesson plans, activities, or fact sheets. The projects themselves are of variable quality, but the photographs and ephemera included in many projects provide valuable insight into local landmarks or industries in the 1980s. The collection has been arranged into six thematic series: Series I (Overviews by Geographic Area), Series II (Cultural Attractions), Series III (Sociocultural Groups and Histories), Series IV (Local Government), Series V (Business and Industry), Series VI (Transportation).

Warning: The N-word appears in a historical quotation in one project; stereotyped depictions of Indigenous peoples appear in another. See finding aid for details.

Faculty of Education, University of Windsor

Bert Weeks fonds

  • F 0015
  • Fonds
  • ca. 1975-1982

This fonds consists of 62 files produced during Bert Weeks’ three terms as mayor of Windsor, 1975-1982. Organized alphabetically, the records consist primarily of subject files covering a diverse array of current events and issues of interest to Weeks, including: crisis services, the automotive sector, unemployment, smoking by-laws, recycling, youth, 3-year terms for Ontario municipal councils, Canadian unity, a 1980 election, the Edmonton commitment, decision-making in local government (the Hickey Report), the Pelee Island lighthouse, the Great Lakes seaway, a hotel opportunity, heritage highways, sporting events (Canada Games, Highland Games, international marathon), a 1979 Olympiad, the 1980 Republican National Convention in Detroit, Vietnamese refugees, Lebanese and Cambodian relief, UNICEF, 1978’s anti-nuclear project Operation Dismantle, and the Church of Scientology. There are also files of personal correspondence, telegrams, speeches, memos, press releases, transcripts of CKWW radio broadcasts, and news clippings. One file contains six photographs.

Weeks, Bert

Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL) fonds

  • F 0030
  • Fonds
  • 1968-1994; predominantly 1985-1990

This fonds contains materials created or collected by CARAL Windsor and affiliated organizations between 1968 and 1994. It has been divided into six series reflecting the group’s pro-choice activism during a tumultuous period of uncertainty around abortion legality and access in Canada. Series I to V contain records of day-to-day operations, advocacy, and resource sharing by CARAL itself, as follows: Series I - Administrative Materials; Series II – Correspondence; Series III - Publicity and Awareness; Series IV - National Office Materials; Series V -Resources. Series VI - Windsor Women’s Incentive Centre (WIC) contains a small number of records related to the WIC’s broader support for women’s issues in Windsor-Essex in the same time period.

Canadian Abortion Rights Action League

Cheryl Vance collection

  • F 0166
  • Fonds
  • 1959-1974

The fonds consists of ephemera from a variety of organizations in the Windsor area, including the Boy Scouts, Lions Club, and Windsor Light Opera.

Vance, Cheryl

City of Windsor fonds

  • F 0005
  • Fonds
  • 1930; 1944-1965; 2006

This fonds primarily contains records related to urban planning and produced by or for the City of Windsor. These include meeting minutes, reports, plans, studies, maps, and notes, predominantly from 1944-1965. Of special note are several proposals relating to the Windsor riverfront. There is also a draft copy of a 2006 economic development strategy created by the city for the Windsor-Essex County region. The records are arranged into three series: Series I, City of Windsor, Planning Commission; Series II, E.G. Faludi, Windsor’s Master Plan; Series III, Economic Development Plan

City of Windsor

County of Essex fonds

  • F 0001
  • Fonds
  • 1855-1947

These records reflect the work of various municipal offices, 1855-1947. They are divided into eight series: I. Malden Township school records (1855-1944); II. Essex County court records (1902-1919); III. Essex County Registers Office records (1861-1870s?); IV. Essex County Clerk’s Office records (1924-1935); V. Essex County Main Lists (1926-1932); VI. Essex County Treasurer’s Office records (1858-1947); VII. Kingsville and Point Pelee Navigation Company records (1892-1894); and VIII. Additional Accessions.

The Treasurer’s Office records document financial transactions as recorded in cash books, fee books, receipt books, cheque books, and ledgers. These include general records as well as records relating specifically to the Highways Committee (1916-1928; 1934-1941), criminal convictions (1861), and property transfers (1908-1910; 1917-1925).

County of Essex

David Roberts fonds

  • F 0118
  • Fonds
  • 1895-2004

This fonds consists of research notes, manuscript drafts, photocopies of primary sources, correspondence, and a few original documents and photographs acquired by David Roberts in the course of his research for a book about Gordon M. McGregor and the Ford Motor Company of Canada in Windsor, Ontario. The fonds is organized into two series, reflecting the two accessions through which the material was received and arranged. Series I primarily contains draft manuscripts, research correspondence, and research notes relating to McGregor’s personal and professional life, the automobile industry, and McGregor’s contemporaries. Series II principally contains research correspondence, images, and research notes from Windsor newspapers and the Ford of Canada Archives.

Roberts, David

Delos Rogest Davis fonds

  • F 0034
  • Fonds
  • 1871 - c.1990

This fonds presents highlights from the working life of Delos Rogest Davis, one of Canada’s first Black lawyers. Series I contains a variety of certificates that recognize his professional qualifications (1871-1912), as well as a program from his funeral in 1915 and accounts of his life and accomplishments in newspaper clippings and the Delos Rogest Davis, K.C. Memorial Fund pamphlet. Series II contains correspondence with legal colleagues regarding his recent appointment as King’s Counsel, from November 1910.

Davis, Delos Rogest

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