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Walkerville, Ontario

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Walkerville, Ontario

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Walkerville, Ontario

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BEd Local History Series collection

  • F 0103
  • Fonds
  • 1982-1987

This fonds consists of 31 student projects depicting historical and contemporary features of Southwestern Ontario (primarily Windsor/Essex County but also Sarnia/Lambton County), created by Bachelor of Education students in History or Social Studies courses in the 1980s. They take a variety of forms, including illustrated storybooks, scrapbooks, captioned photo albums, reports, lesson plans, activities, or fact sheets. The projects themselves are of variable quality, but the photographs and ephemera included in many projects provide valuable insight into local landmarks or industries in the 1980s. The collection has been arranged into six thematic series: Series I (Overviews by Geographic Area), Series II (Cultural Attractions), Series III (Sociocultural Groups and Histories), Series IV (Local Government), Series V (Business and Industry), Series VI (Transportation).

Warning: The N-word appears in a historical quotation in one project; stereotyped depictions of Indigenous peoples appear in another. See finding aid for details.

Faculty of Education, University of Windsor

Essex County Historical Society photograph collection

  • F 0101
  • Fonds
  • ca. 1970s-1980s?

This fonds consists of 19 large, mounted black and white prints (some with original captions) depicting heritage buildings in Windsor, Ontario. The former towns (now historic neighbourhoods) of Sandwich and Walkerville are heavily featured. These include Dillon Hall at the University of Windsor; Old Sandwich’s McGregor-Cowan House, Sandwich Baptist Church, St. John’s Anglican Church, the Registry Office, and the Gaol; and Walkerville’s Hiram Walker & Sons distillery, St. Mary’s Anglican Church, and Willistead Manor. There are also half a dozen images of architectural details appearing in a variety of otherwise unidentified homes or storefronts around the city.

Essex County Historical Society

Hiram Walker-Gooderham & Worts fonds

  • F 0004
  • Fonds
  • 1928-1971

This fonds primarily contains records created by the Hiram Walker-Gooderham & Worts Ltd. corporation in the course of their business activities, 1928-1971. It is divided into four series. Series I contains a short history of entrepreneur Hiram Walker and his company town of Walkerville, 1858-1958. Series II contains directors’ reports and annual reports (1928-1971 with some gaps) produced by Hiram Walker-Gooderham & Worts. Series III contains photocopies of documents produced in connection with Hiram Walker-Gooderham & Worts’ 1935-1936 offering of shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Series IV contains a souvenir booklet commemorating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, produced by Gooderham & Worts.

Hiram Walker & Sons

J. Clark Keith fonds

  • F 0006
  • Fonds
  • 1898-1973; predominantly 1920-1970

The J. Clark Keith papers contain a record of activities pursued by one of Windsor’s most eminent engineers during his career with the Essex Border Utilities Commission (1920-1935) and the subsequent Windsor Utilities Commission (1935-1957), largely in the form of personal correspondence and scrapbooks. Also included are numerous reports, subject files, a small number of engineering specifications, blueprints, contracts, and excerpts from Keith’s book The Windsor Utilities Commission and Its Antecedent Commissions, covering nearly seventy years of urban history in the Border Cities. The fonds provides detailed insight into projects such as the Wyandotte Street extension and construction of a filtration plant at Ford City, as well as broader issues of city planning and legislation. Hospitals and parks are also dealt with, thanks to the EBUC’s broad mandate. Collectively, the records provide an excellent survey of the diverse responsibilities shouldered by the utilities commission in Windsor’s development, and the central role J. Clark Keith played at its helm.

The fonds is arranged into seven sub-series: Sub-series A contains subject files; Sub-series B contains annual reports; Sub-series C contains other reports; Sub-series D contains financial reports; Sub-series E contains contracts; Sub-series F contains a diary; and Sub-series G contains scrapbooks.

Keith, J. Clark

Mike Skreptak collection

  • F 0161
  • Fonds
  • 1863 - ca. 1998; predominantly 20th c.

This fonds consists primarily of historic postcards depicting landscapes, buildings, attractions, infrastructure, and vehicles in the region of Southwestern Ontario, with a particular focus on Windsor and Essex County. Many of the postcards are undated, but formats include hand-tinted Early Twentieth Century (ca. 1900-1914) and White Border (ca.1914-1932) styles, as well as Linen (ca.1933-early 1950s), Standard/Chrome (ca. mid-1950s-1970s), and Continental/Modern (ca. 1970s - present) styles. Also included are a small number of photographs and ephemera items including arrest warrants, tokens, medallions, patches, maps, brochures, tickets, and advertisements, all relating to local people, businesses, events, or locations.

The years 1900 to 1914 were a so-called Golden Age for postcards in North America, thanks to the popularity of photography and mass production techniques that made them an affordable collectible item. Views of all kinds were produced, including residential neighbourhoods, churches and civic buildings, commercial districts, industrial plants, bridges, and landscapes. From 1900 into the 1930s, many postcards were black-and-white photographs with colour added. In subsequent decades glossy colour photographs became the norm, and a narrower range of views were produced (often depicting popular tourist sites, where they were sold as souvenirs). By the 1970s most North American postcards shifted from the traditional small size (8.5 x 14cm) to the larger European (“Continental”) size (10 x 15.5cm) and continued to feature a small range of local tourist attractions. All of these trends are reflected in the postcards contained in this fonds.

Skreptak, Mike

Shadrach Jenking fonds

  • F 0052
  • Fonds
  • ca. 1778-1887; 1970s

This fonds contains records related to the life and work of 19th century Upper Canadian shipwright Shadrach Jenking. The records are primarily original legal documents related to the sale, acquisition, and boundaries of land in the Township of Sandwich, but also included are original papers relating to Jenking’s training as a shipwright and copies of his descendants’ genealogical research. The fonds is arranged into three series. Series I: Labour Agreements contains documents relating to Jenking’s apprenticeship. Series II: Land Agreements includes deeds and assignments of mortgage, as well as one property sketch and one blueprint. Many are tied to families of Jenking or his wife Margaret Maisonville. Series III: Genealogical Research and Fragments contains bits of unidentified original documents and a variety of correspondence, notes, and photocopied resources relating to the family history of Shadrach Jenking and his descendants.

Jenking, Shadrach

St. Mary's Anglican Church (Walkerville) fonds

  • F 0099
  • Fonds
  • ca. 1870-2009; predominantly 20th c.

This fonds contains records charting the institutional life and physical premises of St. Mary’s Anglican Church in the Town of Walkerville / Walkerville neighbourhood of Windsor. Series I – Paper Files is not formally arranged into sub-series, but significant record-creating groups or genres of material are grouped together in the file order. These include: church wardens, board of management/vestry, financial records, various church committees, women’s groups, men’s groups, youth groups, orders of service (bulletins), special events, church visitors and staff, as well as the building, its contents, its churchyard and cemetery (including sketches and architectural plans). Of note are a small number of records relating to the church’s relationship to the family of Walkerville founder Hiram Walker, and rich records of social and service groups for men, women, children, and youth. Series II – Photographs was originally arranged separately from the paper files. Its previous arrangement and description has been retained here; the images capture elements of the congregational activities and physical premises documented in the paper files.

The fonds does not contain parish records of births, deaths, marriages, or baptisms.

St. Mary's Anglican Church (Walkerville)

SWODA collection

  • F 0163
  • Fonds
  • ca. 1900 - 2021

This collection contains an eclectic assortment of material – primarily images –relating to the history of Southwestern Ontario and its surrounding areas. The collection has been arranged into series that reflect the types of material received for digitization by SWODA. Series I contains photographs, including a number depicting the work and premises of a Windsor-area construction company, ca. 1920s-1970s; a 1943 group photo from a Windsor factory doing war production; and a Windsor elementary school class photo, ca. 1918; and mausoleums in Windsor Grove Cemetery, 1987-2021. Series II contains several hundred historic postcards in various styles (ca. 1900-2001) depicting landscapes, buildings, attractions, infrastructure, and modes of transportation primarily in Southwestern Ontario (especially Windsor and Essex County) and Detroit, Michigan. Five 1946 postcards depicting other places are all addressed to Miss F. “Rose” Perjul of Windsor, Ontario, mostly from newly demobilized soldier “Frank.” One postcard commemorates a 1959 royal visit. Further series will be added as applicable. Any known details about a specific item are included in the finding aid.


Walkerville Chicklets fonds

  • F 0116
  • Fonds
  • 1928-1929

This fonds consists of two oversize photographs of the Walkerville Chicklets team, taken in 1928 and 1929.

Walkerville Chicklets

Walkerville Match Company collection

  • F 0178
  • Fonds
  • 1899-1905; 2021

This fonds consists of a single research file containing information about the Walkerville Match Company, ca. 1899-1905, collected by history enthusiast Edward S. Wright. The document draws together facts about the company from a variety of contemporary sources and includes images of a number of documents and artifacts relevant to the company’s history.

Walkerville Match Company

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